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Blackheart Knights paperback cover


Camelot meets Bladerunner


Two novels set in a world of contemporary Arthurian knights who ride motorbikes instead of horses and compete in televised arena fights for fame and glory.

'A riveting tragedy of blood and desire.'

Samantha Shannon, New York Times bestselling author

'A brilliant, bloody wild ride.'

Jay Kristoff, Sunday Times bestselling author

Publisher: Quercus

Published in: English, French, German

Screen rights: currently optioned by Bad Wolf

Blackheart Ghosts hardback cover
The Graces US paperback cover


The Craft meets Practical Magic

Two contemporary novels about a Tom Ripley type girl with a dangerous secret who sets out to infiltrate an impossibly glamorous family of witches.

'The Graces demands to be read twice: the first time for the suspense; the second for the subtleties you missed initially'

The New York Times

Publisher: Faber

Published in: English, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Screen rights: available 

The Curses US paperback cover
Fearsome Dreamer paperback cover


Two fantasy novels set in a world with people who can spy, teleport and more through a vast, incredible dreamscape, and the agencies who desire to control their power.

'Hugely ambitious and imaginative’

The Guardian


'One of the most seductive and exciting fantasy worlds I've encountered... I devoured it'

Matt Haig, bestselling author

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Screen rights: available

The Illusionists paperback cover


Veronica Mars meets Brick with added demons

A contemporary noir novel starring 18 year old Alec Landry, who has a tragically dead brother, a penchant for Humphrey Bogart films and a vested interest in why various young men in her small, crumbling seaside town are being haunted by demons no-one else can see. Have they all gone crazy, or is there something darker at work, a conspiracy that involves everyone from the chief of police to the mayor... to Alec's own family?

Publisher: tbc

Release date: tbc

Screen rights: available


The Prestige meets The Illusionist

Announcement here.

A mystery fiction podcast set in 1900s London and centred around an enigmatic debunker of Spiritualists who climbs the ranks of elite England for a dark purpose.

Studio: Q Code

Release date: tbc

Screen rights: available

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