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Laure Eve is a novelist and screenwriter. She is the author of critically acclaimed YA duologies The Graces and The CursesFearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists, and adult fantasy duology Blackheart Knights and Blackheart Ghosts.

She is co-creator and writer of The Mysterious Master M, a fiction podcast series being produced by Q Code and starring Rupert Friend.

A British-French hybrid, she was born in Paris and grew up in Cornwall. She speaks English and French. She is very English about comedy, and very French about cheese.


Selling comic books in foreign languages, loosing blood-curdling screams into a recording booth, and striking odd poses as an artist’s model are just some of the things she has done for a living.


The name is pronounced lore eev. (in English. In French there's a whole back of the throat deal).

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